Giving You The Full Picture

NewsCord aims to use AI to empower people with easy access to news coverage from hundreds of sources distilled into concise summaries and highlighted coverage differences. We make news comparison and summarisation easy so that you can get the full picture and stay informed

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The Process
Summarise Searched Article

We use Generative AI to summarise your article into a list of key points. We feel that this is a concise way to digest news and to understand what the source is trying to tell its audience

Find Similar Articles

We then search the web for articles around the world that have similar titles and refine these articles using sentence similarity Machine Learning models

Find Differences and Agreements

We use Generative AI again to summarise the similar articles into a list of points and then identify key differences and agreements

Enhancing with Wikipedia

For each similar and searched article, we find extra information about the sources from their respective Wikipedia pages


We use Generative AI yet again to identify the overarching topic of the searched article. We then find the closest Wikipedia page to the topic and create a mini chatbot that has been optimised for answering questions about the wider context of the article

  • The Generative AI process may sometimes paraphrase bits and pieces of articles which may not reflect the intended narrative of the author. Please take this into consideration when consuming this information and always check the original source before making conclusions.
  • When comparing the articles, the models may pick up on 'agree' and 'disagree' points that are not mentioned in the article summary. This is completely normal as the models have been fed the entire article to ensure a thorough search of disputing and agreeing points.
  • To make sure that the comparisons do not take too long to process, a maximum of five comparison articles will be returned. This means that there could have been more matched articles that are not being used. The five that are chosen are based on which articles are likely to be the most similar in content to the original article being searched.
  • The models are not perfect! Sometimes, the model will jump to the wrong conclusions and be tricked by the contents of the articles and return a false 'disagree' or 'agree' point. Always refer to the full articles before making conclusions.
  • The models have a limit to how much text they can process per article. For this reason, only the first 8,000 words of any article will be used. The vast majority of news articles will be no where near this limit.

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