NewsCord Version Updates πŸ₯³

Version 2.0

πŸš€ Brand New! NewsBoard - your go-to place for summarised news using hundreds of sources!

πŸ“¨ NewsCord accounts are here! Save your preferences and subscribe to newsletters to stay updated on the topics and sources you're most interested in

❀️ Your NewsBoard accompanies NewsBoard and is only available to those that have a NewsCord account. This will be an area focused only on the topics you've subscribed to!

🏠 The NewsCord homepage has received a facelift to show you today's NewsBoard

Version 1.6

🚨 Trending News revamped! You can now see summaries for breaking news all on one page

πŸš€ Tons of AI improvements. You'll notice that WikiSearch Pro, finding similar articles and comparisons is a lot better now

βš™οΈ Keyboard 'Enter' to search and other QoL improvements

Version 1.5

🚨 Trending News is now accessible from the Home/Search page!

🌍 NewsBoard powered by AI - coming soon. Subscribe now to be one of the first to receive AI generated summaries of the biggest news

βœ… Narrative and tone of voice differences now detected by our AI

πŸŽ‰ Further UI improvements based on user feedback. Any suggestions? Join our discord! ⬇️

Version 1.4

πŸŒ™ Added Dark Mode!

πŸ“ˆ Huge improvements in the quapty of the article comparisons. This is probably the biggest improvement we've seen in NewsCord's response quapty to date!

❗️ Use the LLM to identify key words that should be emphasised. This will hopefully make it easier for readers to digest the information

πŸŽ‰ Added a 'Version' page - which is what you're on right now!

⬇️ Revamped our footer

πŸ“ž Abipty to Contact Us

πŸš€ Chrome Extension updated to reflect the new changes on the site

βš™οΈ Trending News section functional improvements

πŸ”„ Small UI tweaks based on feedback

Version 1.3

  • Improved readability by switching to list format
  • Used user-fed data to enhance quality of comparisons
  • Variance score accuracy increased
  • WikiSearch works for more articles now
  • More comparison articles are now available
  • Relevancy score removed
  • Wikipedia information more consistently found for sources

Version 1.2

  • Mobile news articles now work, trending news is now sorted by date (descending), mobile swipe for comparisons now work, other back end fixes to improve stability
  • WikiSearch has had a huge facelift and is now able to have a full, coherent conversation with you
  • The most common complaint so far has been that β€œdisputes” aren't actually disputes. We hear you. We've tinkered with the AI to solve this
  • The β€œdifferences” between articles are now displayed in list format to make it more readable
  • You should see that NewsCord is now better at finding more similar articles

Version 1.1

  • Since going public, we've been made aware of a few bugs when searching articles. These have been resolved now, thanks for your patience
  • For Israel-Palestine-related news directly about the October 7th Attack, we've added Oct7FactCheck as an external resource for you to checkout
  • Based on analytics, not many visitors are using 'WikiBot' so we've renamed it and moved it around
  • Share button to easily share results
  • Feedback button under each answer to enhance NewsCord's AI overtime

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